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Metalink Coatings for Vaults and Urns

Water-base decorative coatings in a variety of colors. Non-flammable coatings that are ready-mix formulas. Just mix with paddle and apply. Do not mix by mechanical means. Can be applied directly to the concrete surface by spraying, brushing, or rolling. Metalink decorative coatings are sold in 5-gallon pails. Depending on weather conditions, coatings are dry to the touch in 10 to 30 minutes, however the vault should be allowed to cure overnight before transportation.

Approx. Paint Coverage:1 - 1½ quarts for spray, 1½ - 2¼ quarts for brush, or rolled Coverage May Vary Depending on: Surface Texture, Surface Sealers, Moisture, Concrete Porosity.

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